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Best concrete crack repair

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Have a foundation crack that recently leaked and was wondering what the best method for repair is. Any help appreciated.

Excavate the exterior and (post #209545, reply #1 of 4)

Excavate the exterior and install drain tile.  And, while the hole is open, apply a flexible membrane product across the crack to seal it.

After you've done that you may apply a cosmetic patch to the interior, keeping in mind that any cementitious patch will likely crack with the inevitable further movement.

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wee (post #209545, reply #2 of 4)

I have seen poured foundation cracks (that did let water through) filled with epoxy.  There are holes drilled about every 6-12" up the crack-epoxy is injected and then plastic plugs inserted.  Slight ooze out all the along the crack seems to indicate constant filling of the crack.  This done from the inside.

I am to do the finish in a basement that has had this done recently (30 days ago).  The prefinished trim should be ready in a couple weeks-with the thaw and a good rain or two-might be a good indicator if this repair will last.

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foundation crack (post #209545, reply #3 of 4)

Thanks all for the replies, will try the epoxy first then if ll else fails I guess I'll have to dig...

Crack injection of epoxy. (post #209545, reply #4 of 4)

Crack injection of epoxy. You'll need ot dig down and expost the crack on the outside. pressure clean the area around the crack and the crack itself. Let it dry then drill some holes into the crack every few inches. You can buy a crack filler kit that includes a heavy epoxy for the outside and a thin epoxy to inject in the holes. They work great as long as you follow instructions.


Here's one at Amazon

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