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Best method for "antique" cutting paving bricks

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I will be installing a small walkway in a herringbone pattern using old Purington pavers.  They are almost 4 inches thick and 4 inches wide and are about 9 inches long.  To do the herringbone, I will have to cut a lot of triangular pieces.  These bricks are pretty tempered so I am curious as to the best way to cut them.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.



I think a guillotine might do (post #210485, reply #1 of 1)

I think a guillotine might do the job and maintain the desired "rustic" appearance.  Of course, if you don't care for rustic and/or you need precision then a saw is what you want.

(If I were doing it and only had a few to cut I'd probably have a shot with a toothed stone chisel.  But I'd never attempt to cut bunches that way.)

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