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Corian Sink with Overflow tube smells

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We have noticed a foul odor from our sink which has the corian overflow tube (made out of plastic) that sits outside the bowl.  As soon as we turn the water on, the odor appears.  I have taken it apart, cleaned it and poured chemicals down the tube and drain.  The odor occurs again and again.  There is water in the p-trap so I know it is not sewer gas.  It is simply a poor design.


I have a pfister faucet with a pop-up drain stopper.  The Overflow tube fits right below the drain on the under mounted sink.  We know that we will never have water reach the overflow. 


Question...Can I seal the overflow tube and the connection at the pipe so that these smells don’t occur and no water becomes stagnant?


Just looking for ideas before my wife wants a new sink.

We've got a couple of (post #216159, reply #1 of 1)

We've got a couple of 42-year-old Corian sinks that have never had this problem.  (Are you sure you have Corian and not a knock-off?)

It's possible that you have some gunk that has collected in the tube.  Try drizzling hydrogen peroxide down through the overflow opening.

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