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Ipe vs. Tigerwood decking

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My deck is framed and almost ready for decking. Deciding between Ipe and Tigerwood in 1 x 6. What are the differences that would matter, mainly lifespan. I can't get a straight answer from the supplier as they both simply have a 25 year warranty. I will most likely be letting it weather naturally and Tigerwood is described as weathering to a reddish color as opposed to Ipe's silver, can anybody confirm this? Although they are both long lasting products does one outlast the other?
Thanks, Mike.

Frankly if it were my house I (post #207737, reply #1 of 2)

Frankly if it were my house I wouldn't use either. They're both good products and either will last as long as the frame on your deck but they are expensive, heavy, hard to cut, difficult to fasten down so they look good and both will fade to silver over time. . There will also be annual maintentance if you want to keep them looking good.I'd use a vinyl deck product because I hate the maintenance.

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Both weather to a silver (post #207737, reply #2 of 2)

Both weather to a silver finish and look just great if you like that look. Tigerwood is a little easier to work with than Ipe. Lifespan depends on a lot of variables - mainly your environment and conditions - but I've been led to understand that Tigerwood has a 50+ year lifespan and ipe can have a 75+ year lifespan. In the right conditions I imagine they could both last well upwards of that. Even in harsh conditions they both could last a pretty long time. I wouldn't imagine you'd be seeing much damage to either one in 25 years. Ipe is used in coastal applications (docks and boardwalks, etc.) for its longevity and tenacity in the face of harsh conditions.

If cost isn't an issue I personally like Ipe better, but that's just one guy's opinion.

And like Florida said, either one will last as long as your deck frame.