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Jig design contest with Festool prizes

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With help of Festool, I am hosting a "woodworking jig challenge" There are some great tools from Festool as the prizes for the best jig design. I posted a video on Youtube with all of the details. Take a look and enter.

address on video that wass (post #211274, reply #1 of 1)

address on video that wass found?

here are a couple: 

bucket extension, simple scrap 2x10 pieces and plywood, bolt to skip loader bucket to enable carrying a load of concrete without spilling over rough ground.  < 8 yard not cost effective to hire pumper when sip loader on-site.


DSCN6938 photo:  had a few hundred 9'-5" 2x8s from salvaged pallets.   2x8 wall for high insulation levels desired, how to cut all of those for studs?

Setup 2 sliding miter saws on long table h=nailed together out of 2x8s, add a drill press to the mix to predrill a 2 " hole for wires and pex.  Result- accurate stud lengths and predrilled plumbing and electrical access.


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