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leaking soffit

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The spring thaw has started and the snow on my roof is melting but this year water is leaking from the soffit and draining on the brick exterior of the house. My home is only 7 years old. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is there a way to verify why this is happening? See photo

Hey there Starman,       (post #207578, reply #1 of 2)

Hey there Starman,

      From the photo it's hard to tell exactly what's going on above the soffit.  It looks like there is an outside corner of the house directly above.  If this leak doesn't happen when it rains, only during snow melts then the cause is probably an ice dam.  Melting snow could be backing up under the eave drip edge above the gutter and running down the inside of the fascia into the soffit.  This could happen if there is snow built up in the gutter or simply from surface tension, where water resists gravity and clings to a surface.  If you have water running down the roof if will track right along the roof trim, especially if you don't have a proper drip edge at the roof.  Since the leak appears to be directly below the outside corner of the house above, I think it may be a problem with the step flashing.  This corner flashing detail is often poorly executed, especially when the exterior finish is masonry and the roofer and builder don't work together.  That being said, water could be getting under your roof as high up as the ridge and running down the roof deck until it hits the corner where it tracks behind the fascia and dumps into the soffit.  It looks like there are water droplets hanging on the bottom of the fascia in the photo too.  That shouldn't be happening unless it had just gotten rained on before you took the photo.  No water from the roof should be running behind the gutter onto the face of the fascia.  The other thing to look at is how the gutters are attached to the house.  Are they screwed right through your metal fascia?  If so, that too could be an entry point to the soffit.  I would remove the one piece of soffit where the water is leaking and "introduce" some more water to the roof with a garden house and see if the leak presents itself.  Good luck and let us know if you find the source, I'll be curious to see what you find.

Concerned? (post #207578, reply #2 of 2)

Yes.  As you're in a climate with freeze / thaw, yes.

In addition, the water you don't also reason for concern.

You don't want your framing to continually get wet/dry/wet/dry..................You might not be able to see from the inside, where it is coming from.

I take it you've never seen this b/4?

Will it occur after it warms up and there's a short deluge dumping alot of water there?


There's water on the lip of the gutter as well as underneath on that soffit material.  The fascia as well.  If the water on the soffit underside is coming out of the venting holes-not real good-could be wetting the lower framing or getting between the brick and  sheathing.

Can you get up above and take as wide angle a shot of the shingle flashing to brick?  and maybe a straight on shot of the gutter / fascia / dripedge area?

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