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Masonry - confusion over brick wall

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Masonry - confusion over brick wall (post #212083)

I think I have either a veneer or face brick wall. I was told by a local person of unknown knowledge, that the homes in the area are construction block and the brick is only decorative.

My recollection of a view in the attic is that I've never seen brick walls, I think it was something like cinder block.

My issue is with the outside brick wall. I see holes on the head joints but cannot determine if they are weep holes/vents, or if mortar just fell out over time. The local home stores and various people have said they look like mortar has fallen out and they should be filled in - however my gut is telling me that I may not be getting the best information. It seems odd to me that the mortar would only be falling out of the head joints and the bed joints above and below seem to not be crumbling or showing any loss of mortar.

If the wall should not have any missing mortar, then I am prepared to fill the holes. But obviously it would be a terrible mistake to fill holes that have a purpose, and if they are as blocked as they appear, I think somehow I need to clean them out.

On most of the holes, there appears to be mortar at the top and bottom reducing the head joint slightly, so not clean up to the bed joints above and below.

Can anyone here reduce any ambiguity and alleviate my concerns over what to do?


P.S. Should such a wall receive waterproofing treatement?

Where are the missing mortar (post #212083, reply #1 of 2)

Where are the missing mortar joints located on the wall?
Opennings above windows, doors and at the bottom course of bricks are likely weep holes. 

Post a picture please.  I (post #212083, reply #2 of 2)

Post a picture please.  I think the holes are vents if they are sheltered from the weather. Brick weeps moisture and the small holes allow air circulation to reduce moisture buildup behind the brick.