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Moasic Tile

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I have an old house just recently pulled up the old tile and found 100 year old moasic tyle underneath the flooring....No damage and looks really good with a good cleaning. Should I keep this original? 

Clean it up a bit more and (post #201431, reply #1 of 2)

Clean it up a bit more and see if you still like it.  Examine more carefully for damage/cracks.  If this is a bathroom, see if there is significant rot in the floor in the stool area and other likely wet areas.  Determine how it will work for any remodeling plans you have.

If much of the rest of the house is still "period", and the house is a classic design, the original tile could be a big selling point for the right buyer (if you're not planning to live there forever).  If you plan to stay in the place, though, and you don't really care for the mosaic yourself, consider whether it will "grow" on you or instead "eat" at you over a couple of decades, and consider how working around it might hamper plans you have for the place.

(Myself, mosaic tile just reminds me of grungy elementary school bathrooms.)

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Absolutely ye..If it is there (post #201431, reply #2 of 2)

Absolutely yes..If it is there ever since that time without any damage  then i think it doen not have any problem in the future too.And for your satisfaction you may clean it properly and can take the  right decision....And you are telling they are looking good too..I seriously suggest you to keep those original one..And you must be lucke enough to get such things..

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