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Software program for designing homes?

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I would like to design my next home, is there a program that is user friendly for a beginner?


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Why do you want to use a computer program?

Consider the purchase cost of a program, but more importantly the value of your time to learn the program (which you'll do only once or maye a second time in many years).

There are no programs that can replace the knowledge and judgement of someone who's designed a home before.  Sure, Sketchup's free, but it doesn't tell you if the joists are properly sized.  ChiefArchitect can kick out a three-dimensional design, but it doesn't know what you want in your home.   Revit's very capable and very expensive to buy and learn and way more than needed for a home.  There are other programs, but none with the knowledge to really design a home -- they're just driving "dumb" machines.  Hell, even some architects and contractors aren't qualified to design a safe home to your liking.

My advice -- get free Sketchup and play around, but when you get serious about securing a hme that meets your needs, is safe and in budget, hire a qualified architect or builder.  Would you trust a computer program to perform brain surgery on your child?

Likely not what you wanted to learn, but consider it the "voice of experience."  

Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice, I have no allusion about designing my house as compared to a qualified architech so Sketchup would be a good beginning. As to computers operating on my chids brain no, my brain maybe but first they would have to find it.


Actually, there's probably an (post #207328, reply #4 of 4)

Actually, there's probably an "opportunity" here for someone to produce a good "design your dreamhome" product.

Lots of people would like play around with a design, maybe because they really plan to build, or maybe because they're just daydreaming about it.  Especially a package that would let you start with one of several stock plans and then modify it would be good.  Not producing construction drawings, but a decent "conceptual rendering", and maybe some facilities built-in to help prevent major design errors, such as not allowing sufficient space for utilities.

I suspect, in this regard, SketchUp is actually too complex and detailed, with too many "knobs".

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That's an amen, amen and amen.