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Stuck screws

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Removing stuck screws on the back on my Vermont Casting Encore 2550 Secondary Air Cover Plate.

Katie (post #205229, reply #1 of 2)

Soak with a good brand of penetrating oil Zep makes a good one.  Liquid Wrench is alright, Gunk has one.

Do it a couple times, use paper towel or rag to cleanup the excess.

Pick a good screw driver of the proper size and configuration for the screw.  While applying pressure to turn the screw, tap the end of the driver with a hammer (several times-tap tap tap tap........).  You want to break the bond that was formed while turning in the right direction.

If no work, apply penetrating oil again and again.

Do not booger up the screw head trying to get it loose-take you time.


You could try an impact driver, but the control is lost on that type of tool.  Best way is by hand.

A easyout will be your last result if the above doesn't work.

Best of luck.

When puting the screws back, lube them up so removal later will be easier.

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I'd say an impact driver (post #205229, reply #2 of 2)

I'd say an impact driver (hand type) is the cat's PJs.  Pick a bit that fits the screw EXACTLY, press the driver into the slot, twist in the direction you want to go, and tap with a hammer.  Very little chance of stripping out the screw (if you haven't already stripped it), lots of control (if you control your hammer blows).

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