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Temp cantilever platform

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I am trying to design a temp platform to access the exterior of a sunroom that is 50' above ground level. The idea is to build a platform that will go out a 56" wide window that I can stand on and do the necessary work. I plan to use 5 2x6x10 joists, with 4x4s on each side just inside of the window, and 4x4s on each side on the inside end of the joists, which will extend up to the ceiling and tying into beams there. SO the canilevered platform will extend 5' from the window.

Does anyone see a glaring error in my design?

cantilever platform (post #201726, reply #1 of 3)

You didn't say anything about guardrails. IRC requires railing above 30" above finish grade. :>)

You need to brace it so that (post #201726, reply #2 of 3)

You need to brace it so that the whole thing won't rack off to one side (or in/out) and come apart. But with proper cross bracing and ample bearing members in the ceiling and on the foor it should reasonably stable.  2x6 is a hair on the light side and you're going to get some bounce, but it shouldn't be terribly unsafe so long as you don't hold a line dance out there.

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All good suggestions. I had (post #201726, reply #3 of 3)

All good suggestions. I had planned on a rail but now will incorporate a cross brace to the inside verticles with the rail which should prevent racking/twisting. Thanks for the input.