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Trim Advice

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Trim Advice (post #212463)

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking here but I've been tasked with trimming out a new build with some flaws I'm not sure how to deal with. Long story short the drywall is excessively proud of the window and I'm looking for ideas on how to fix this to install the trim. The style of trim is shown in one of the photos. Any ideas are very much appreciated. Thank you!

Looks to me like the common (post #212463, reply #1 of 3)

Looks to me like the common vanilla situation where one rips strips to shim out the jambs to be flush with the wallboard.  The window right next to me here has such strips, and they look fine, even though the carp who built this house was a bit of a slob, generally.

You have a couple of options:  You can make the strips flush with the inside edge of the jamb and hope to hide the joint (works fairly well on this window), or you can set the strips back about 1/8" or so for a "reveal", making this look like a "feature".  (I've seen this elsewhere and it looks pretty good too.)  Depends to a degree on the finishes being used -- for stained finishes setting flush is probably better, but for paint the offset may be better.

Pray that the thickness of the strips you need to cut will be even thickness, and you don't need to do taper cuts.

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Get ready for many many more....... (post #212463, reply #2 of 3)

these situations happen damn near every time.  Depending on the degree of problem, jamb extensions are usually the way to go.  Stain or paint you should leave a reveal by stepping the extension back a bit.......which sometimes means cutting back the Sheetrock a bit or ripping down the ext., making it narrower.


if not protruding too much, bash the [JOBSITE WORD] outta the Sheetrock so the trim gets in contact with the jamb.  This method could pose problems at the mitres if too drastic a difference in Sheetrock/ jamb.

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