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Alternatives to vertical blinds

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I am looking for a good alternative to vertical blinds, which I have an aversion to.  I have a sliding glass door, but also windows all around it, on which I want to put top down/bottom up honeycomb blinds.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to what to put on my door instead?  I thought maybe a curtain, but won't that look strange and what about a roll up blind?  This dining area is also connected to a great room, so my problem continues.  Help.

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Try out a Hunter Douglas window shade called a silhoutte. It's like a vertical but has a sheer fabric attached so as to give you a couple of light levels.

We have them at home and love em. The cost is another story...

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Thank you!

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Silouettes are lovely, but they are huge dust catchers and cannot be cleaned. You might want to try the bamboo roll down blinds, which look great; you can get them totally opaque or to let some light through. Another option is a type of vinyl roll down... it comes with subtle patterns. I ordered them from a local shutter store for the kitchen in my beach house. They work great, filter the light well, and were quite inexpensive... but a little too basic for a living room.

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Hi Hcdexter,

This topic has been on the mind of a number of IH readers. We have been asked this question a few times during the past couple of months. We are planning to cover this topic in an upcoming article on difficult window treatments.

Are there any other house chatters out there who have hints or suggestions to share on treatments for difficult windows (including vertical blind alternatives)? I will pass your suggestions on to our sponsoring editor for the article.


Sheila Torres

IH Editorial Assistant

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Thank you Ms. Torres,

I have moved into a larger house than I had before and I need a lot of suggestions on covering all different types of large windows, without being boring.  I look forward to your article.

Heidi Dexter

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  Not sure if this qualifies as a difficult problem, but here it is. We have a french door (or is it a freedom door now?) going from our bedroom into the family room because they are both in the basement and we need the light from the bedroom windows. I'm not much of a fan of vertical blinds or drapes on travelling rods because I don't want to devote the time to opening and closing them so they generally stay one or the other. Our solution for privacy is drapes on cafe rods so they are easy to pull open and shut.  These pics show that I need to get out the iron, but you get the idea.


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Thank you for your input on using cafe rods as an option. I will pass it on to the editor working on that story.

Sheila Torres

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I had a french door that I wanted privacy for but to still have light come through.  I used patterned window cling;  it comes in loads of patterns and colors now.  I made a template of the pane and laid it on the roll of plastic in the areas of pattern I wanted, and traced the template for each of the panes on the door. Just cut them out, and follow the directions for application.  Most brands use water with a drop of detergent and a little plastic squeege to apply.  I had lots of compliments on the look, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.  It's easy, inexpensive, and completely removable.

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Hi Katysmom,

What a fabulous idea. Do you think you could post a picture of your door to share with our forum visitors?

Sheila Torres

House Chat Monitor

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sorry, we moved out of that  house 3 years ago

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Hi Sheilatorres,

I'm in the window treatment biz and I just got my 1st computer.

I love this forum and would love to share ideas.I'm all self taught,

but thank mom and dad for their genes and Gods gifts, I get to make a living

doing what I love.

I have made roman shades in lots of sizes, even bay windows  which

was tricky with the angles and all . I love a challange, it keeps life

interesting. Some can be seen on my web site

It's brand new, my beautiful daughter in law is smart too and built it for me

Any feedback would be appreciated.  thanks Susan

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Why not try roman shades?  Tailored yet soft.  Light admitted will depending on the fabric chosen.