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area rugs

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area rugs (post #175865)

Hey, good day.

I'm looking for the basic 'rules' of area rugs. We want to put one in the kitchen, linoleum floor, and don't know the size it should be. Should the chairs sit firmly on the rug? Should they be only partly on the rug? etc...

Thanks for the help.


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I don't know of any "rules", but it seems to me that the rug should be large enough that when the chair is pulled out far enough to sit down that all four legs are on the rug.  Otherwise it would be catch the chair when pulling up to the table.

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I agree with the second person who says the size should still accomodate when the chairs are pulled out.

I just wanted to mention that some area rugs and some of those underlayment pads can discolor certain floors.  People often refer to vinyl or urethane floors as linoleum, which is a different product.  So, for example, if you have a rubber backed rug or slip-resistant pad, it could potentially permanently discolor the floor beneath depending on the combo. 

You might want to check with a reputable floorcovering store (and your linoleum manufacturer, if known), to be sure you select a product with which you'll be happy.

Note that if you have true linoleum, I seem to recall an issue called "bloom", where the unexposed area, that under a rug, sofa, etc., will be a different color.  As I remember, it should adjust with light exposure, should you remove the rug later.  Have fun selecting your rug!