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bedding question

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I recently bought a king size pillowtop mattress and need help finding a comforter.  All of the king size comforters I have found are too short on the sides and do not cover up the side of the mattress.  Anyone have any solutions to this problem other than having special bedding custom made?  Thanks!

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Okay - sorry if this sounds stupid, but are you sure you have the comforter in the right direction?  King size bedding is confusing, becasue it does make a difference which direction it is  turned, and I've often had people make up my bed with it the wrong way. 

Perhaps Lands End would have something to fit.  There sizes are very generous, and I find their bedding well made.  Their blankets and top sheets are six inches longer then others, but I don't know about their comforters.

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Chances are you have one the new thick mattresses & manufacturers of comforters where you were shopping may not have caught up with these new sizes.  A true dilemma confronting anyone shopping for such.  All has to be a marketing gimmick in order for us to replace the old for the new!  But I do like my old furnishings!

Just recently went mattress shopping for a guest bed which requires a "longer" dust ruffle than sold in department stores.   In addition, seeking comforter & dust ruffle for master bedroom with a bed which is "shorter" than those now being sold.  This shopping made me feel as if I had been in a "black hole" not knowing how sizes had changed over the past 40+ years.  To utilize one of the new pillow-top mattresses now being sold everywhere, one must either replace the headboard as mattress will almost cover the headboard or retrofit to have headboard more visible.  Might you have seen a work-around for this?

Considering there are so many "bed in bags" sold, I just wonder what bed sizes being used by folks?  While these bags used to be only for inexpensive coverings, now the more costly bedding is made available via bags.  Who can use & have a good fit?


1. Measure before buying a (post #175831, reply #3 of 3)

1. Measure before buying a comforter. I always use a string to measure something i need to buy like curtain rod or a frame.

2. Go to a store where they have custom made comforters and bedsheets.

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