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Ceiling Rings

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We will be decorating our dining room and are considering using a ceiling ring.  The room is 21 ft x 14ft.  We have some questions for the designers out there:

1) What size should one use for an a) round and b) oval ring(s)?

2) Does the ceiling ring 'work' in your dining room?

3) What colour scheme would you recommend (pictures appreciated)?

4) Has anyone ever painted the centre of the ring a darker colour than that of the rest of the ceiling?



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When I read the title, I was thinking water rings from a leak.  I just clicked and read your info.  Are you speaking of what they call medallions that usually surround a chandalier?  If so, you might search on "ceiling medallions" for info on size.  It must relate to the room and the size of the light fixture.  If you want to emphasize the fixture, I'd go with a neutral color.  If the room is heavy in wood colored trim, a matching color might look okay, especially with a higher ceiling.  If this is what you mean, you might also "google images" and see if there are photos with both types of color to help you decide.  If this is the situation, I'd give it a search shot and see what turns up.  I don't have one in my dining room due to the 8' ceilings and slightly smaller room size, plus a fixture that needs to go..., but can envision how the right one, with the right light fixture would be a plus.  Hope this helps.