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ceilings and lighting effects

pulilan's picture

February 18, 2008; 2:30 p.m.

Hello everyone, I am a new subscriber to this site and I wish to solicit some of your ideas about designs for ceilings and lighting effects on my  newly built two storey house of about a 100 square meter floor area.

If you are inside the second floor, you will be able to  see the exposed steel purlins,  trusses and  roof insulator.  I want to turn the looks into something creative and beautiful.    It is a high roof of about 20 feet at the apex.  Thus, when you go inside the second floor  it has the effects of a big space.  And I want to preserve that "big space" effect.  That is why i just would not want to put up a ceiling to prejudice my concept.  What i wanted to find out is what other designs of ceiling and lighting effects can i do to make a bare looking top beautiful, with the "big space" effect?

Thanks everyone.