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Color match for pickled cabinets

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All, I have moved into a new house (7 years old actually), with Miami Vice styled wallpaper (lots of peach and lime) and pickled kitchen cabinets.  A week later the wallpaper is down, and I am planning on re-doing the floor in red oak (natural finish) strip hardwood and the countertops in some type of darker garnite (pea[JOBSITE WORD] or true black).

My question is what wall color will best minimize the "peachy" undertones of the pickled kitchen cabinets (in combination with the new floor and granite).  My spouse has come to the conclusion that we (I) should paint the cabinets an off white so we have more options.  I would prefer not to have to paint the cabinets if we can find a wall color that meets our wishes.

BTW, we will be using Benjamin Moore paints.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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I think the red flooring is going to work against your desires, but I have a similar issue.  I went with the Benj Moore # 855 (cloud cover).  It is grey enough to bend the yellowish oak to the blue of the pickling.  I am trimming with 860 (apparition) to finish it. 

I decided on Armstrong Marmorette (commercial linoleum) but haven't settled on the color.  Samples enroute. 

counters will either be granite or quite possibly SS check this site out for ideas.




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if you go to cooler bluer shades, the peachiness of the cabinets may actually become more pronounced by contrast. the safest thing may be to stay in a range of pale taupes with just enough warmth that they de-accentuate the peach. it's tricky but is can work
a newer look that is in keeping with my strategy is terra-cotta. same family, but it's not as dated as "peach".

btw- this wood is pretty classic, and much of your dislike for the cabinet color is in your heads, because you know what the "before" picture looked like. with a new color sheme around it, the cabinets may not bother you as much.