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Faux Mantel and Fireplace

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Hi! I'm new to this thread.  I'm usually on Gatherings for fiber arts.  But, I do other stuff. 

Like, while I was on vacation the last two weeks of Dec. til J-2-08, I purchased two 12x10x1 pine boards, used seaming brackets (I guess thats what you call them) to hold them together to make a mantel over two bookcases/cabinets I acquired from the office of one of our VP's office furniture.  They were the upper part of the the wall cabinet system in the office after company downsizing.  They are approximately 4.5 ft tall from the floor, because I am 5' 4" and my head just clears the top.  I used the space between for a faux fireplace. 

This project has been in the works for about four years.  I finally got the bookcases/cabinets home.  Then I found the faux logs and grate w/screen at an estate sale for $25.00 two years ago.  During vacation in the last week of Dec. I got up in a flash of revelation as to how to do it and went to Home Depot.  I purchased the wood; went to Han[JOBSITE WORD]s the next day and purchased some vinyl that looked like dark chocolate aged leather and stapled it on the boards.  The cabinets are dark wood also.  Then cut a couple pieces to measure of dark brown fleece and hot glued to the underside to cover it.  Put it across the bookshelves/cabinets and voile'.  It looks great.

Now my next project is to make a shelving unit over a radiator in my apartment.  I screwed up with MDF that was too thin for L brackets and wasted a little money.  What type of wood should I get for this project?

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

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Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

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Wow, no replies in six days since posting this message, I guess everyone on this thread is working on projects.  Thanks anyway... I'll get it done anyway.

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

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You could always take your question over to Breaktime. Much more activity there.



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Thanks for the suggestion, but they seem pretty intense for my little projects.  Also, I live in a small apartment not a house. 

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

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Rodezzy, Fiber Artist