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i hate painting

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hi just escaped from breaktime, anyhow just finished drywalling and priming my basement  Painted the ceiling in the game room with lowes signiture paint (stream white - flat (matted finish and first coat). Most of the ceiling came out great except for an area in the center of the room which appears blochy. Talked to an exboss of mine and he said that he has a similar problem with the paint from lowes. Any of youns use lowes paint and run into any problems and any suggestions. Should I try a second coat on the entire ceiling?



ps go Steelers

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You were wise to prime because one of the functions of primer is to seal the surface and even out absorption between drywall paper and joint compound.  Nevertheless, one coat of finish almost never gives an even sheen nor even color, regardless of the quality of the paint.  Definitely try a second coat.

You also need good lighting so you can see to get good coverage, and a fairly high quality short nap, 1/4" or at the most 3/8", roller.  And don't try to stretch the paint to cover more of an area than it is intended to.