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Interior doorknob colors

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We are building a new house that primarily has dark bronze doorknobs throughout. However, the kitchen has satin nickel faucet fixtures but it also has a dark copper range hood. My question is whether the kitchen doorknob and the pantry doorknob (in the kitchen) would look better being dark or better to match the faucet fixtures? Is there such a thing as ordering a doorknob with one side being satin nickel and the other the dark bronze or are they only purchaseable in one color on both sides? I welcome all thoughts!

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Generally you can't get different colors on the two sides, though bathroom sets often have brass on the outside and chrome on the inside.  If you are buying high-end, however, the supplier may supply what you wish.

If not, you could buy one of each then split the sets, matching the bronze from one set on one side of the door with nickel from the other set on the other side of the door, so long as the doors are the same thickness, neither has a lock, and possibly they are of the same hand.

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Some of the manufacturers now make reversible handles--no "handing" required.  The levers we used from Schlage, for example (that was a nice improvement).  It would be easy to do as you suggest and combine from two sets.

The higher-end lockset makers offer sets with different interior and exterior knob/lever colors, but I've only seen those for exterior doors.



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Actually it's very easy to mix and match knobs and escutcheons on door hardware. A lot of the "restoration" type of hardware purveyors Sell the various knobs and cover plates by sets or by individual parts.

Although you did not mention what your decor you may be able to find styles and colors to match your decor. I've put together lock sets that were antique brass on one side and polished nickle on the other.

Rejuvenation is just one of many web purveyors.


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Try Baldwin Brass ( I recently asked a similar question on this forum as I was wanting bronze exterior knobs and pewter interior knobs. Just picked up the hardware over the weekend and love it!

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Thank you for replying. I'll try Baldwin. Glad to know that someone else has done this and likes the look! Now to find bronze bathroom faucets that match the similar shade bronze doorknob. Run across any good websites for this?

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Hi Connie,

Try They are located in Victoria, BC but they purchase most of their supplies from the United States and supply the weblinks of their suppliers.


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Sorry to bust in on your discussion, but where did you get your copper range hood? Could you post photos of your kitchen? I'd love to see it - it sounds beautiful. We are at the beginning of our kitchen remodel in an A & C house and the whole copper/stainless mix has me stimied too.


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I had the copper range hood made by a local shop here. Check out their website at in northern california. They do great work. For lights, I found a great copper shop in Texas that make all kinds of unique lights that give off interesting light patterns for the A & C style home. Very pricey, but very unique. Our kitchen has no cabinets yet but I would be happy to post photos once done. Decided against the 11' copper wood cap I was thinking of. Decided it would be one diferent material too many for the room. Still not sure how this kitchen will turn out because I think the cabinets don't go up high enough and something additional will have to be done.