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Kitchen Color Schemes

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I need advice on my new kitchen plans.  Do honey colored wood cabinets, grey countertops, oak wood flooring and stainless steel appliances look good together?  What color should I use for a backsplash?  I just can't envision my kitchen in my mind.  I've looked at tons of pictures but none is exactly what I am getting.  It seems like I'm going to create a kitchen that is too busy and not bright and sunny the way I had originally imagined it would be.  I'm not sure how to make it all come together.

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what colors are the rooms adjoining it. Why not get samples , I think $2.00 each and put them on the wall. Call paint stores to see who carries them. Good luck, Susan

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What type of theme are you going for? As far as the colors there are cd's that you can buy for $5.00 - $ 12.00 that I have seen here in Wisc. where you can take a picture of your room that you're doing and then choose the colors or what ever you choose to visualize how it will look. They can be bought at Home Depot, Menards and I am sure at many places where paint is sold. The other option is to go to Model homes and you can get lots of ideas there too. Hope this helps..

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Creativity ideas should be applied to get the desired results.

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I think I absolutely understand you -  not long ago I was also scratching my head over kitchen renovation. Somehow I came across a web application that helps to design a kitchen. It's called online 3D kitchen constructor. It allows to select any colors, materials and models that you like for your own kitchen project. And you can finally organize and bring your ideas to life. As for me, I made a great use of it and finally planned a very nice kitchen