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long narrow bath

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Hi I am new to this group but in the middle of a major home renovation. The initial project is building a new bathroom and gutting to other bathrooms. My question revolves around decorating on of the bathrooms. It is the guest bath and will be long and narrow 10X6. We are looking at wood or laminate flooring, but nothing is etched in stone. The biggie is I know that there are some real ways I could help this room and some ways I could kill this room due to it shape. Any thoughts?

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I notice you have never received a reply.  If you repost your messsage on Break Time you will definitely get a response. 

Thans for sharing. For me, I (post #175888, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks for sharing. For me, I think you need to hire professional interior decorator to help you in your problem. Well, I think you should give your bathroom a space for you to enjoy bath time. Hygiene is good but you need a bathroom that can give you different style.