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Mounting oriental fan on

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I have an oriental fan that is approx 3ft by 6ft when opened. It is similar to this one -

I want to mount it on my living room wall. I first tried making a custom sized frame in my workshop. Unfortunately, in order for the frame to fit the fan, it had to be so huge that it completely dominated the space on the wall and looked overpowering. My wife and I have decided to mount the fan by itself directly on the wall without a does look better that way.

So how can I do this?

The bamboo frame (vanes?) only go halfway up each paper vane. As you can imagine, the fan is quite wobbly.

I was thinking of building a simple squary frame from some 1x stock, mounting that to the wall underneath the fan and then securing the fan to the stock. I just don't know how to mount the fan to the frame w/o tearing the paper vans or drilling small holes (for wire ties) in the bamboo. Is that unavoidable?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Does it have to be mounted "facing up" (as in the photo)? I was thinking you could hang it by the decorative cord (if it has one like the fan pictured). If not you could add one. If it has to face upward, you could use the cord for the lower support and then maybe use very fine wire around one of the bamboo vanes (have to puncture the paper with a needle) to a hanger on the wall.