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painted ceiling woes

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Hi Everyone!

I usually post in the Cooks Talk forum, but I have a painting question today. While painting my great room ceiling, which is about 20 x 20, I had to pause a few times to deal with either kids, cooking or the various things that come up when you have to stay on a task. Because I couldn't leave a wet edge, I can now see a few areas that show where I started and stopped. Is there a magic tip that can camouflage these places so I don't have to repaint the whole thing? My neck is killing me and I still have the rest of the house to go. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help me on this.

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I know of no magic tips once the paint is dry.  But paint needs two coats to develop the proper sheen.  Was this your first coat or the final coat?

Also, a high quality roller produces better results and is worth it for the final coat.  If you are using latex paint on a smooth surface then 1/4" or 3/8" nap is right.  And it takes really good lighting to judge the evenness of blending as you paint.

Are you using an extension pole?  That could help your neck.

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Thanks for the response, Wayne. Unfortunately, this was the final coat. I used a high quality roller with a deeper nap and an extension pole. To be honest, it's not glaringly apparent, but it irks me that I couldn't get a perfect finish. The other, smaller rooms were painted in one go and they look really good, but I didn't have a big enough chunk of time to finish off this particular ceiling. I'm going to paint the rest of the rooms and then, if I have the heart for it, I'll redo the great room. Blech, I was really hoping there was something else I could do.

Cheers, and thanks again.

Why is the rum always gone?  Captain Jack Sparrow

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After a few more rooms you may be tired of painting and the ceiling won't seem so bad.  Do try the shorter nap roller, though.  Half inch nap is too much.