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Upholstered headboards

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any thoughts/ideas about upholstered headboards, e.g. choice of fabric; attach to wall or bed frame, shapes, tufting, etc.?

would appreciate any pictures or suggestions of shapes - fairly classical for an adult couple's bedroom.


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I also am in the process of fabricating an upolstered headboard for a client .                   I found some styles at the calico corners web site

I'm thinking about attaching it to the wall .I once saw it done with wood cut

like a puzzle piece that slipped into another piece mounted on the wall . I'm

not sure exactly how to make this but I think it is V shaped , any info would be

appreciated. A s for a fabric ,it depends on your taste , but I'm using ultrasuede

                                        Good Luck with your project,  Susan


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Hi Everybody , I'm an old time seamstress with my first computer . I knew it was gonna take me away from my work,and it has, but when my 1st grandchild was born I immediately got one, I thought just to see her precious little face. But I am starting to get the hang of it and what a great tool! My sweet daughter-in-law even built a web site for me. How great is she! Anyway I have a question; I'm looking for the correct spelling and pronounciation of mattelitiasse' or something like that, white quilted fabric with beautiful little stitches .Thanks



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Please read my last letter ,I'm gettin tired and goofy.


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I believe you mean Matelassé 

Pronunciation: (mät'lu-sâ"; Fr. matu-lä-sâ')
an embossed, compound fabric woven on a dobby or Jacquard loom. Also,mat'e•las•se",mat'el•las•se".

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Thank you so much . I think I can use the word with confidence , not so sure about

this computer though . I'll be back soon , love to have this forum to share and learn.