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venitian plaster on wood paneling

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does any one know what is the best way to apply ventian plaster (compound mixed w/color) on top of VERY smooth & grooved wood paneling?

Thanks, any advice will be apopriciated


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Seems like someone (was it you) just asked another question about Venitian plaster. Don't remember if it was here or at Breaktime, but I'll say what I say to 90% of people who post here:

You'll get a lot more responses if you post this at Breaktime--go to the green box at the top of this page and click on "Breaktime" (right after "Other Taunton Sites:"). You'll probably get more answers than you'll know what to do with! (I'd post it under "Construction Techniques.")

There are bonding agents for use with plasterboard where a skim coat is going to be applied, but I don't know if it will work on paneling. I'd make sure there is no wax or grease (especially no silicone like is in spray polish for furniture) by washing with some sort of degreaser (either a petroleum based one (wear a respirator and gloves when using) or easier is TSP). I'd probably run over the surface with a random orbital sander too, just to provide some "tooth", but, it probably isn't necessary--topping or multi-purpose compound sticks well to painted drywall and wood, so I would think it would stick to your paneling too.

May be easier to remove the old paneling (and any drywall under it) and just put up new drywall. Or you could put 3/8" drywall on over the paneling, but then you'll have to re-do your trim on doors and windows. Not a major problem, but may be scary if you haven't done it before.

Anyway, folks at Breaktime usually know morethan I do about this stuff, so I'd definitely suggest posting there. Good luck.

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I posted a reply to your post, but thought I'd add to it without posting it on the site. I had some Russian in college (many years ago)--is your "nome de plume" ("Miravozeri") Russian? Sounds like it--world something--travelor? My Russian is very rusty. I just remember "Ftoroi mirovoi vayanii" meant "World War II". Doesn't "mir" also mean "peace?"


OOPS, my finger hit "post" before I was ready, so I did post to the site instead of emailing you--oh, well, I share my ignornance with the world (a small world in this case--not as big as the breaktime world!)

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Hi Danno,

No I'm not russion, and ues, Mirov means peace. I'm Israeli.

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Hope I didn't insult you! Anyway, welcome to the forum. Hope you check out Breaktime (I haven't looked myself recently), it is a good forum.

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Hey Danno,

No, you didn't insult me at all, I'm going to check the breaktime now.