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wall color to complement cherry cabinets

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Does anyone have suggestions about a wall color for a kitchen that will have shaker cherry cabinets, stainless appliances, gray counter and natural ash wood floors.  Room adjoins dining/living space which is off white with lots of windows.  There is not a lot of kitchen wall space, but it is well lit with lots of natural light.   

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Anything will go with your stainless steel and gray.  With cherry, I like green.  It is an appetizing color, and my favorite color, too.

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Really pale, creamy yellow...Sherwin Williams lemon chiffon...

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Something to keep in mind is that cherry darkens as it ages.  Really old cherry cabinets and furniture often turn a deep burgundy or almost black.

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It's not a kitchen.  I built a cherry hutch in dining room. My designer chose


restrained gold by sherwin williams. I am happy with it but I like the old look.

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Cherry is beautiful and looks nice with a whole lot of other colors. I usually avoid pairing it with greens, though. Green is complementary to red, so green walls tend to emphasize the red tones in the cherry and before you know it, you have a Christmas room. Good luck!