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Worthless Room (Pt2) & Long Drapes

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In one of the pictures I posted the window tops are about 8' off the floor, but above them are opera window tops (for a lack of a better architectural terms) are about 13' from the floor.

Because this exterior wall faces the south, it means that 12-hours in the Winter, and +16 hours in the Summer sunlight floods this room. The adjoining breakfast and kitchen windows/door are also facing the south and reflectively flood light into this family room.

About 4.5 years ago the wife and I placed painted blanks on the opera windows and hung 96" tall drapes (eggplant color) and shears to control the light coming into that room. We have a 65" widescreen rearp-projection TV that is subjugated to the ambient light, and in the Summer it means no TV before 8PM. We even places miniblinds on all windows in the breakfast and kitchen areas, but the reflected light is still a major problem.

Anyway, when searching for ready-to-hang drapes we cannot find anyone that makes drapes longer than 96", which implies to us that no one has family rooms greater than one-story AND wishing to use drapes. I've commented on buying an inexpensive sewing machine but I'm not good in this role, and the wife is afraid of any 'tool' requiring electricity (she's a chicken, lol).

Anyone know of places that sell custom-length drapes, or at least drapes of significant length other than the standard 96" maximums?

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Could you break them into two panels of drapes on two rods--sort of like a maxi-version of cafe drapes? (One rod at 8' and the next at 13'.)