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5 Year Old Kholer Toilets Need Replaced

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Hello Everyone,


Need some advice, both Kohler toliets on the second floor have been drain slowly and or backing up. Both toliets also are leaking. The toilets are only 5 years old.  Since I am the first owner the toliets didnt not get much use for the first two or three years   I have shattered my heel bone so I had to call a plumber to clear the drain and or fix the toilets. The plumber said the toilets are junk and to fix the drainage issues i should replace the two toilets and maybe all three with American Standard Cadet 3. I do have the same toilet on the first floor which is still working fine.  Funny thing is the toilet on the second floor is getting alot of work since I have been living on the second floor the last three months


Thanks in advance

Are Kolher toilets junk and should i get a second opinion?

danz (post #205275, reply #1 of 4)

Well, I've used Kohler for a long time on my remodels, never had a problem.

That they leak?   from where.

Blocked/slow?  Is it the toilet, something in the toilet trap or downstream?

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We have a Cadet 3 and I can (post #205275, reply #2 of 4)

We have a Cadet 3 and I can say that it's a pretty decent unit, though perhaps not as fancy as the Kohlers.

But I'm suspicious that your problem is more than just a crummy toilet.  If you're getting leakage from beneath the toilet then that's strong evidence that there's a clog downstream in the pipe, not in the toilet itself.  Or else the toilet was improperly set.  With two toilets on the same floor they could be flowing through the same pipe and that pipe is clogged.

Otherwise, frequent clogs in a toilet often suggests that there is something (eg, a comb) caught in the trap.

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Replacing 5 Year Old Toilets (post #205275, reply #3 of 4)

I should clarify some points


When I said the toilets are leaking,  I should have siad the water is  leaking  out of the tank,  so maybe just the flapper needs to be replaced.


Also the master bath toilet started flushing slowly and backing up long before the toilet in the guest bathroom


I guess I will call  the plumber that originally installed the toilets, just wish I could get on my feet to do  something around here.  Shatterd my heel bone when I came off a 4' foot ladder on July 31st, after four operations and 2.5 weeks in the hospital I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel


Thanks for your help



Toilets are pretty simple (post #205275, reply #4 of 4)

Toilets are pretty simple devices. If it's leaking at the bottom of the tank, it's likely a seal between the two. Folks leaning back on the tank can push this joint open. The valve in the toilet can be replaced if it's not functioning correctly. If the flapper is bad, the toilet will run. Flushing problems can be related to the drain line but also where it goes. Malfunctioning septic systems can be an issue. There is also the plumbing stack. If it has any blockage the water won't flow down the drain. Are both problem toilets on the same stack? This would be the first place I would check.

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