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6cm laminated granite kitchen counter - proper appliance height and substrate

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Hello friends and happy new year! Hopping for some adivce. I have purhcased Thomasville kitchen cabinets from Home Depot and ordered 6cm granite counters from them as well (3cm with laminated edge to produce 6cm)  Questions: 

I assume a substrate under the granite needs to be installed to raise the granite up so that the diswasher fits under the counter and so the drawers open. Is this correct and who is responsible for putting in the substrate? The fabricater, the cabinet company or my installer? The fabricater and cabinet folks are both through Home Deport and I hired an indepent installer for the cabinets so hopng there is communicarion there re the impact of the 6cm.  

Also, if there is a substrate raising the counters (I guess 3cm higher than normal?) then what about my free standing, slide in electric range? Won't that be too low for the counters by 3cm? How is that typically handled? 

Thanks for any help or guidance you all might have for our remodel project :-) 

There are these amazing (post #215736, reply #1 of 2)

There are these amazing adjustable leg thingies.

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These are questions you should ask the box store.  And of course make sure the cab installer understands the whole shebang.

 In most cases any counter finish build up will sit right on the top of the cabinet front and overhang the cab front with build up already applied to the back bottom of the counter as well.   So, DW fits under and the overall height of the countertop is approx. 36" and the range top can be adjusted with the levelers.

A new DW should be able to mount to the cab sides rather than the bottom of the counter.  Cab installer should apply a cleat to the back of the DW opening at the wall to carry the counter.  Same goes for the back of the range opening if a slide in .

This is all known by a good remodeling contractor but often receives a shrug of the shoulders and a "I dunno " by some including the box store.

best of luck and good cooking.

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