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Broke off threading in the shower pipe

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I accidentally broke a pipe while trying to put an extension and new shower head on

What a coincidence!  So did (post #215872, reply #1 of 2)

What a coincidence!  So did four other people.  But none of them told us which pipe broke where.

Probably you broke off the "arm" where it threads into the fitting behind the wall.  Sometimes you can get lucky with a pair of pliers and grab a bit of it to twist it out.  But likely you need an "internal pipe wrench".

And be careful -- it's fairly easy to make a bad situation worse!

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If it's old piping which I (post #215872, reply #2 of 2)

If it's old piping which I assume it was spray it down good with WD-40 for a few days then use a 1/2" easy out  and gentle pressure.  If it fights you stop and soak it some more.

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