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Can I cap this vent?

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We have a gas stove in our kitchen. Underneath the stove is a duct that goes from under the stove into the basement and out to the outside. The vent isn't connected to the stove it is just in the floor beneath it. In the winter time there is a very heavy cold breeze coming from the vent. Can this be capped?

I originally thought it was there in case we wanted to use a vented hood or something but there would not really be a way to run the duct for a hood underneath the stove. If it is for bringing in air to the stove then I want a different stove since I have never seen this before for a gas stove and it is stupid to have a 6 inch hole in the house to let all this cold air come in.

I've never heard of it, (post #209230, reply #1 of 2)

I've never heard of it, though it could be a local code requirement.

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That sounds like an old (post #209230, reply #2 of 2)

That sounds like an old JenAir stove vent. IO've run across several over the years and removed them all. JenAirs had a built in exhaust vent that ran down the back and under the floor.

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