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Contractor drilled faucet hole 1/4 off center in new granite counter what?

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We are in the middle of getting new granite counter tops installed and the contractor drilled the faucet hole off center at least 1/4 of an inch. The hole he drilled is 1 1/4". Is the any way to correct this problem without getting new granite? HELP!!!!!

I'd say the contractor owes (post #207186, reply #1 of 5)

I'd say the contractor owes you a new top. if you want to be a nice person maybe the contractor can find a larger escutcheon for the base of the faucet that wil cover the mistake.

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Now, (post #207186, reply #2 of 5)

is that a very important qtr inch?

If so, you should ((he or granite guy and he pays)) be able to grind a bit and move it over an 1/8th w/o showing hole outside the base of the spout (which I presume is a one hole install) on/off and sprayer in one.


Could you live with an 1/8th off?

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If the hole is going to show (post #207186, reply #3 of 5)

If the hole is going to show at all after re-drilling it correctly, you can probably get the countertop guy to patch the space pretty well.  Presumably the amount showing will be just a sliver, so the patch wouldn't be particularly visible, if done well.

But all this should be on the contractor's dime.  And he still owes you one.

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Lots of solutions.  Change to (post #207186, reply #4 of 5)

Lots of solutions.  Change to a faucet with a bigger base...and make the contractor buy it.  Find a bigger plate that will go with your faucet.  See if it can be epoxy patched.  You could even get a custom plate made by a metal fab shop and have it chrome (or whatever) plated to match your faucet.  You could even switch to a different sink style.

If it were me, I would tell the contractor he will pay for a really pricey new faucet with a bigger base plate and then send the wife shopping again.  No sense delaying the whole project when a different faucet will fix it and you should get one better than what you were originally getting.  You win a better faucet and the contractor wins on not replacing.

If it doesn't show under the (post #207186, reply #5 of 5)

If it doesn't show under the faucet's baseplate then it doesn't matter.

If it doesn't allow you to place the faucet assembly correctly, then possibly the hole can be 'adjusted' or enlarged so that you can, provided the baseplate will still cover.

The granite folks can also fix that hole invisibly the same way they make seams, with color-matched epoxy, and a scrap.  Then redrill the hole.  Only you might see this imperfection, because you know it's there. 

If your world is actually going to end, because of this human error, then I suppose you will have to go toe-to-toe in negotiation with your contractor to find a mutually favorable agreement.

Best of luck.