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converting face framed cabinets to frameless HELP!

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My customer has old style sturdy 3/4 ply  face framed cabinets in a kitchen he otherwise likes.  He doesn't want them ripped out either to replace them or to regigger them.

He does want frameless cabinets with more modern drawers and nicer facing.  I figure this is probably easy with the cabinets with just drawers - cut the face frame to leave a style at the top and remove the rest of the face.

However, some of the cabinets are "double wide" with drawers above and storage below with a center bar between as part of the  face frame and I am a  little puzzled about how to best handle this type.

ANY thoughts on how best to approach this situation would be appreciated much!


t2 (post #205291, reply #1 of 3)

While I wouldn't attempt it, I suppose you could cut out the stile and drawer rails and then insert a panel (either full depth or partial) and then secure drawer hardware to that and the cabinet back.  Doors would then be hung off that panel also..

I think you'll be adding to the front edge of all the plywood panels you leave.

I don't know what regigger is, but this sure sounds like alot of work-under a counter.  You 've got more flexibility than I.

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hollering for help first, good thinkin' (post #205291, reply #2 of 3)

My first thought would be to try to talk the customer into some other restyling  approach  that didn't involve removing the face frame.

If stuck with the job I would price it to include a healthy budget for unhappy surprises..........


You had better do your (post #205291, reply #3 of 3)

You had better do your homework on how the existing cabinets are built. With manufacturered cabinets, the faceframe may be attached with a loose fitting rabbet, squirted with a hot melt and/or shot with "toe nail" staples. Check to see if these cabinets are attached to each other with screws through the faceframes. Try to see how rails are connected to stiles, there may be a stub tenon, dowels or some type of fastener. Going from frameless to faceframe would be easy, going the other way could be a nightmare in many ways. Sometimes, you need to educate customers, explain what they are getting into and what costs and problems may be involved. Many times, their ideas are bigger than their wallets.

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