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Crown molding in kitchen

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Does it look odd to only put crown molding on the cabinet side of a kitchen? the cabinets go to the ceiling with a 3" gap at top. It is a  11' x 5' ceiling. The cabinets are a maple color the walls painted peach. The molding I have matches the cabinets. I think they might  look to stark on the other part of the room.

Any thoughts? Thanks, Greg

Greg (post #205098, reply #1 of 3)

Capping the top of the cabinets (only) with crown while adding none to the bare wall/ceiling does not look weird.  In fact, if you were to put this cab. matched crown up away from the cabs, it would look bogus.

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I think you will like the (post #205098, reply #2 of 3)

I think you will like the look of the crown only over the cabinets, but honestly it does make the entire kitchen come together if the crown is in the whole kitchen.  This isn't normally done except in the nicer kitchens, but if the look is right for your situation it depends on your tastes.  



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3" is a bit of a gap, it (post #205098, reply #3 of 3)

3" is a bit of a gap, it would take a large crown to cover that alone. Kitchens are often done with crown moldings while the rest of the room is not. Many cabinets don't go all the way to the ceiling anyway. In essence, crown on the cabinets only, just looks like furniture and it's not necessary to tie that in to the entire room, unless you want to. You may have to add something for your 3" gap if you are going against the ceiling, maybe a frieze to mount the crown on. This would give the crown more presence and be more unique, individual to the cabinetry.

I had a wierd kitchen where the window was bumped out like a bay but the ceiling sloped down from the rest of the room. I just ran a frieze at the window and placed the top of the crown tight to the ceiling. That was about 3/4" from the rest of the ceiling and as close as I could get. I mounted the crown on the cabinets with a gap on top. It took care of having to deal with a ceiling that wasn't straight and level and I think it looks fine. You would never see it on 11'5" ceilings. We didn't use crown in the rest of the room.

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