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Dishwasher vent- how necessary?

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I want to install a dishwasher in my old kitchen. The sink I REALLY want is wall mount vitreous china farmhouse sink, where the backsplash is part of the sink (it's the Guilford by Koher). The sinks sits on the counter and has rim that is above the tile level. The problem? I want a dishwasher, which requires an air vent. I'm told that I shouldn't cut through the tile countertop and put the vent BESIDE the sink, because if the dishwasher backs up, and water comes out of the vent, the rim of he sink will prevent the water from flowing into the sink. I'm also told that some new dishwashers don't require vents, although my local building codes do. Some say that the dishwashers rareley have water coming out the vents. Others say it happens all the time. I need a dishwasher. I really want this sink (mostly for the look). Should I just give it up? Would a "Johnson T"  (whatever that is!) help? How about a garbage disposal? Help!

Many Thanks, Binny

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I have seen your question asked before--I think on the Breaktime forum. You can try asking it there again, of go to Breaktime and do a "search" using words like "dishwasher vents" and it will give you past discussions. Let me know if you need more help (i.e., if that doesn't work.

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Many Thanks, will do.