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Does anybody use a jobsite tool cart?

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I have been remodeling kitchens and have a need for a mobile cart to keep tools in and on. Until the countertops get there, there isn't anyplace to set down tools. (And when the countertops do get there, I'm done.) I see a small enclosed base cabinet on wheels that has a tool rack and holsters for drills. Something I can lock up at the end of the day. Something that shows off our skills. Small enough to get between cab's, maybe a small vise to hold work/panels?

Anybody out there using anything like this at the moment? Pics? Your 2 cents worth?

I've certainly seen this sort (post #207701, reply #1 of 4)

I've certainly seen this sort of thing at the plant where I used to work.  Probably 20 different variations.  Often they'd start with a restaurant busboys's cart, (or a similarly-designed industrial cart) then add shelves and doors and whatnot. But others were custom-built from casters up.

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wango (post #207701, reply #2 of 4)

I have a small 4 wheel cart w/collapsible handle-that works.  Anything bigger-I don't think would work in the kitchens I've put together.  This holds the heavy stuff and things I need to be able to move, yet get to.

A folding 2 wheel to move cabs about is indispensible.

The festool vac-all the other systainer tools can stack on top and  move around on wheels if necessary.

Temp plywood on cab bases hold alot of what I use and I set the base cabs first.

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Any pics? Drawings/ What are (post #207701, reply #3 of 4)

Any pics? Drawings/ What are your Pros and Cons of your particular cart?

Wang, My 2 cents but sorry, (post #207701, reply #4 of 4)


My 2 cents but sorry, no pics.

Tools in 5 gallon buckets organized by trade.

Tools and materials in milk crates on a 2-wheel dolly (goes up steps and stairs).

A (removed) door or temp ply on sawhorses or cabs.  Clamps rather than a vice for holding work (but there is always a vice on the truck).

Saw table that a Makita table saw drops into.  Rack (extensions) for the miter saw.

A rubbermaid cart with big casters/wheels.

A dolly for reels of wire.

A lockable job box (the only item on my list with any semblance of security).