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help with exposed trusses in kitchen

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We're in the middle of a major redo of our 1965 kitchen.  DUring the demolishing portion, we removed the whole ceiling (drywall).  Now, I don't want to put back the drywall.  We have installed a skylight, but the openness of the ceiling is so inviting.  Our new cabinets are cherry and a 'craftsman' style.  Anyone have an opinion as to whether leaving the trusses open is aesthetically a good idea?  Also, anybody have suggestions as to how to do this?  Thanks

Sure (post #201861, reply #1 of 2)

It can be done.  There have been a few articles in FHB over the last few years. 

One by Mike Guertin covers how to make a cathederal ceiling from a flat one. 

You might want to do the trial online membership and read it.  If you search for "Mike Guertin ceiling", it will come up in the results. 

The issue, of course (post #201861, reply #2 of 2)

is how you're going to insulate the friggin' thing.

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