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Help with Rearranging Plumbing Under the Kitchen Sink

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I'm a new homeowner and a new member on the forum with some ability to tackle home projects.  We got a new construction house and one of the things I'm taking on first is the area under the kitchen sink.  I'm installing a garbage disposal and one of the Rev-a-Shelf's pull out trash units (my wife doesn't want it to occupy the space of a cabinet and prefers it to be under the sink instead).  I've purchased the units now, but I'm going to have to rearrange the pipes for things to fit. 

I'm putting the garbage disposal on the 60-side of the 60/40 sink.  The trash unit will go under the 40-side, but the drain basket and tailpipe are too long.  Do I even need the tailpipe?  I think there's just barely enough room for the trash unit if I cut the tailpipe down.

I'll take photos tonight, but any thing I should keep in mind in the mean time? 


Generally the height of the (post #210202, reply #1 of 2)

Generally the height of the drain line (not counting the trap) is determined by where the line exits into the vertical drain/vent.  The length of the tailpiece is whatever it takes to get from sink basket to the exit point.  Pretty well cast in concrete.

The most you can usually play with is how the two sinks join to a single pipe before entering the trap.  And if one side is a disposer then that takes away another degree of freedom.

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