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Hinge Life Expectancy

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We had our kitchen cabinets refaced about 20 years ago. The fellow who did the work used Blum hinges. Over the years a plastic part in some of those hinges has broken and the doors no longer stay shut. I've replaced some of them with hinges from Home Depot. Some of those hinges have also broken. I'm about to replace a bunch of them and wonder what the life expectancy of this type of hinge is and whether there's something better that will fit the same mounting holes.

Depends on whether it smokes (post #215329, reply #1 of 2)

Depends on whether it smokes or not.

Seriously, there is no rule, other than plastic turns brittle over a couple of decades, accelerated by exposure to petrolelum, ozone, UV light, and a few other things.

I would generally expect Blum hinges to last a lifetime.  I'm surprised you had trouble with them.

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BB (post #215329, reply #2 of 2)

Euro hinges and others have a shorter life when overloaded.  In other words, taller, wider or pantry doors might require another hinge from the start.


In our 28 year old, some Grass hinges have a part that failed and they close, but not quite all the way.  When open, they do not get to the 110 degrees as when new.

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