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Laminate Counter top

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I have a rental and the laminate counter top is bubbling up can I take the old laminate off and reuse it?

Reuse which? (post #205035, reply #1 of 4)

Reuse the old slab and put ne p-lam on it ?

Yes if it is still sound and a square edged slab.

Remove the old p-lam with a heat gun and scraber blade or putty knife. wear glove because you need to get the surface hot enough for the glue to release you can easily burn yourself. Work slowly and try to take it off in large areas. After the old laminate is off check the slab for gouges and buggers of old contact cement. Clean, fill and generally make the slab smooth, then reapply you new p-lam.

If the top is a post-form (rounded edges and splash), just throw the whole thing out and replace it with a like one from a BB. They are generally cheaper than you can build a new top, unless you consider your labor free.

If the laminate is in good (post #205035, reply #2 of 4)

If the laminate is in good shape other than coming up, you can heat the laminate to fold it back and reglue with normally good results.  I only say this since you mentioned it's a rental and this will give you the most bang for your buck.

I like to use a regular clothes iron...get a few from a thrift store to speed the process and don't use your good iron or it may get a little scratched on the sole.

In general, laminate will let go if an iron on high heat is left in one spot for 10 seconds or so.

Even if you replace the top, I consider an iron an essential tool for laminate work since it can easily fix many small problems that may crop up.   The heat will not only release laminite, but it can rebond areas that for one reason or another haven't glued down right. 



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Or you can take off the (post #205035, reply #3 of 4)

Or you can take off the laminate and replace it with some nice tile. I think laminate looks cheap and I hate it when it starts to peel, with a nice tile countertop you will never have to worry about peeling.  Just make sure not to drop anything heavy on it and it will last pretty much forever. 

Or, you can stick with laminate (post #205035, reply #4 of 4)

My sister insists on laminate.  It is inexpensive enough that every 18 to 24-months, she can redecorate the kitchen, and change the counter tops.