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I have an Xylem laminated plate glass sink and have some concerns about its installation.    If you are not familiar with the sink, it is built up of laminated layers of plate glass.   The bottom  of the sink is a curved layer of glass, laminated one layer up from the last layer that sets on the countertop.    

Placing a straight edge across the bottom,  I noticed there is a 1/16 inch gap between the straightedge and the bottom of the sink near the drain hole.   Xylem tells me don't worry - put drain in and hand tighten Then give it a 1/4 turn to snug it up.   

The bottom of the sink is constructed so that the curvature leaves a space between the bottom of the ink and the top of the counter top.   I am concerned about any moisture getting in there though condensation or leakage,  and causing the growth of mold.   

I am also concerned about sealing where the sink meets the countertop.   Since the sink is laminated glass, you can see through the glass down to the counter top.   Any sealant can be seen.  So one does not want to put a bead of sealant along the bottom and let the weight of the sink squish it out or into the bottom cavity.   I remember the installer of my granite kitchen counter top using superglue to seal where the backsplash met the countertop.   What about this technique?

Any experience with this installation??

The manufacturer should (post #202621, reply #1 of 4)

The manufacturer should supply installation instructions, and they should tell you how to achieve a good seal around the sink rim.  If not I'd send the sink back as defective.

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whovey (post #202621, reply #2 of 4)

Is this something like what you are talking about?

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glass sink installation (post #202621, reply #3 of 4)

That is the sink. 

jhovey (post #202621, reply #4 of 4)

You have an unflat bottom at the drain?  The sealant under the lip of the drain on top and the rubber washer on the bottom of the fitting should take care of that.


You have a not perfectly flat glass bottom (the rectangle around the bowl) or flat counter.  I would think a small bead of clear kit/bath caulk would take care of that problem and not be seen if you are semi neat.  Apply small bead to underside of sink, wipe away excess, then clean/smooth out that which was pushed out from under the lip with a damp rag-followed by the perfect wet finger technique (ends up removing everything that isn't under the rim.

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