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Laying Down Tile

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I'm trying to figure out if I need to remove the flooring before laying down the Wonderboard. This if my first time laying tile, I just finished removing the vinyl tile. 

Items I purchased: Wonderboard, Versabond Thinset, notch trowell 1/4, bucket and mixer extension for my drill.

Not sure if this top layer was added to help even the floor for the vinyl time it had before. I'm adding wonderboard and a ceramic tile. Just trying to understand if this layer needs to be removed before I do any work. 

Thank you ahead of time.

Mav (post #208469, reply #1 of 2)

What's under the 1/4" underlayment?

Depending on the thickness of the wonderboard, you'll have quite a step up from the hall.

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The layer is underlayment -- (post #208469, reply #2 of 2)

The layer is underlayment -- pretty much mandatory under vinyl, or any imperfections in the floor below will telegraph through.

It's a question of thickness vs strength.  The underlayment doesn't add much strength but it does add a little.  But it also adds a little thickness, and you usually want to keep added thickness to a minimum.  And you certainly wouldn't want leave the underlayment and then have that extra thickness lead you to use a thinner, weaker tile board.

But if you use a faux marble threshold the thickness should not be a major issue.

What will be the flooring in the hall -- just refinishing the wood or using carpet?  Carpet, of course, adds it's own thickness.

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