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Leaking shower screens

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There's no doubt that that my problems beging with my shower screen Concerning drilled small holes along side bottom of the style puddles appear from outside these holes after apply. What I would wish to do is have getting some work done on the screen and although it is away have hob and floor tiles re also - grouted, I had the manufacturer come out and present me a quote. It would cheaper to throw a old one away to get a new one out of him, than have him remedy a repair. I am in south sydney, do we know any person who can work for my screen.
When we are away for a couple of days the bathroom dust a musty smell Concerning ben on my all fours seeking the source with outside any luck any strategies?

I'm sorry, I can't quite (post #205712, reply #1 of 2)

I'm sorry, I can't quite parse what you're saying.  By "screen" do you mean the shower door?

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