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Moen 7400 series faucet

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Just a silly question.  I went to my daughter's home and lubricated the Moen 7400 series kitchen faucet.  In doing so, I took it apart, but I didn't remove the cartridge.  Now the faucet works beautifully, but daughter says the handle is backwards.  When the handle is to the right, it turns on the hot water.  To the left, it turns on the cold water.  Although this sounds counterintuitive, it makes sense to me because the red part of the red-blue disk shows to the front when the hot water is on, and the blue shows when the cold is on.  Daughter says that before I worked on it, the handle to the left brought hot water.  I don't know what I could have done that would have made that change.  I told her she would have to live with it, but can anyone say which way the handle should work?


You somehow twisted the (post #205643, reply #1 of 1)

You somehow twisted the cartridge 180 degrees.

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