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Moving Shower drain

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I have a 42x60 garden tub surround with a right drain I want to take out the tub and surround and install a tiled walkin shower on a slab .My question is why would I have to move the drain to the center ?

You don't. (post #203396, reply #1 of 2)

You just need to pitch the floor to that drain.

I am assuming the plumbing supplies are towards that end also.  Since you don't stand right up to that shower head............usually, this would mean it's unlikely you'll be standing on the drain at that end.  Most good tile drains are comfortably fit to the tile, so even if you were to have it in the most optimum spot for showering, I doubt anybody'd notice.

Hopefully the slab is open around the pipe, so you won't have to chip it away to get the proper fitting on it.

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Yeah, for a tiled shower (post #203396, reply #2 of 2)

Yeah, for a tiled shower floor there should be no need to move the drain.  (But it's not necessarily a big deal to move it, within reason, if you want to.)

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