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painting cabinets

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Seems like lately my clients want painted cabinets.  I'm a small one man shop and my Graco HVLP conversion is great with oil but unable to handle latex. Lately turning down kitchens of any size due to the mess and dry times. Has anyone found a reasonbly priced system to put down latex.  Practical for just doing maybe a bookcase to a full kitchen?  Thanks, Richard

Just  a DIYer, but I've (post #206994, reply #1 of 3)

Just  a DIYer, but I've always found the fine-textured foam rollers to work well on plywood cabinetry and the like.  Not as fast as spraying, of course, so maybe not practical for a full kitchen.

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I've had good results using a high quality(Sherwin Williams Qualicraft) paint applied with a regular roller followed by a sprayed clear-coat(Minwax waterborn in the spray can). Normal prep. The finish is hard and durable, and I've had no compatibility problems. I've found cabinets to be time-consuming no matter what method was used, but I've managed to get paid and make money every time. The clear tends to darken the color of the paint slightly so be careful if the customer is super picky. TSP is my cleaner of choice for prep and a child can acheive a nice finish with the SW paint(it's one of the few products I've used that consistently make me look better than I am).  

I never painted my cabinets, (post #206994, reply #3 of 3)

I never painted my cabinets, but this idea sounds preety intresting. Whenever I find my cabinets and vanities little old I just go for anew one, never thought of painting, but will definately try out.