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Painting contractor help

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We are finally updating our kitchen, and thought we had thoroughly researched a general contractor. Since the old cabinets were well made and configured, we decided to replace doors and hardware, and simply paint the existing boxes. The painting contractor apparently didn’t didn’t prep the surface appropriately. In addition to painting over grease and debris, after 7 weeks the paint was easily flaking off. Painter agreed to redo the job by preparing the surface, priming and repainting. When I came home yesterday, I was shocked to see they didn’t use the minwax epoxy filler they brought, but instead used my drywall compound to skim coat the entire cabinets, including filling holes and wood joints.  There are some areas that were missed with the drywall compound, and there is no evidence of sanding or priming in these locations.  

My general contractor says they trust the painters opinion, but I question durability, especially in the joints. Does anyone have experience with this painter’s approach?

Soinds like a botched job to (post #216283, reply #1 of 3)

Soinds like a botched job to me. Short of stripping the cabinet back to wood anything else is a compromise.  It's likely the painter never figured the cost of stripping the cabinets. Getting them to do so now is a big ask.

You need a new painter and a (post #216283, reply #2 of 3)

You need a new painter and a new general contractor. That's hack work.

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Thanks for your comments. My contractor was telling me that I was being too picky and I should be grateful that the painter was willing to redo the job and use the drywall compound. Nice to have a sanity check. Unfortunately, most of the work is complete and it’s too late to fire the GC.

Lesson learned...