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purchasing appliances

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Looking ahead to new construction of our 'dream home'.  Architectual drawings underway. Planned groundbreaking is fall of 2012.    There is a large applance store (The Great Indoors) going out of business in my area.  What do you all think of purchasing (and transporting, since new home won't be built in same locality) name brand stovetop; ovens;dishwasher and storing them until the time comes for installation?   Would it be worth it?

Depends (post #205223, reply #1 of 6)

It might be worth it if you have somewhere to store them.  We have had several new stoves destroyed because mice got into the insulation, and nested.  Nothing, can describe the smell of burning mouse wastes, and it is really not a nice smnell to have lingering for weeks in your new house.

You also need to look at the whole cost picture.  Appliance costs are down overall, so you need to compare prices, the closeout may not be a bargain.  Frequently, stores that are closing, will price everything back to msr, then discount from there.  So the bargains aren't really that good.   

More hassle than it coul (post #205223, reply #2 of 6)

More hassle than it coul dpossibly be worth evn if they were half off. Storage for 18 to 24 months, delivery to the new house, possible damage, possible theft, the list just goes on and on. I had a bunch of brand new 40 gallon watr heaters that I stored until I got so sick of looking at them and having them in the way that I gave them away.

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It's a great idea if they are (post #205223, reply #3 of 6)

It's a great idea if they are what you really want.  If your project is still a while out you will without a doubt change your minds on what you want.  it's not you specifically, but human nature so don't feel bad.  Half price of an appliance that you don't use makes the one you do want 50% more.

Having said that, if you were my clients I'd say go for it if you are reasonably sure about what they are, but maybe hold off on appliances that are likely to change.



PS  Don't forget to figure in storage costs when making your decision.

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You are a long way from (post #205223, reply #4 of 6)

You are a long way from appliance installation. Unless you are getting an unbelievable price on some higher end stuff, maybe a French stove or SubZero fridge, you may want to wait. You won't know if there are any warantee problems for at least a year. Do you have a kitchen plan yet and are you completely sure the appliances are what you want?

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They will be your (post #205223, reply #5 of 6)

They will be your appliances,not a customers, hence customer will not 'change their mind.

Go for it.  Wait for at least 75% off, if it is truly a 'going out of business' and not just a 20% off marketing play.  90% off even better, but by then selection is limited.

myself, Have spare washer/dryer/toilets, stoves, etc stored out back incase somethng breaks.

If you purchase something be (post #205223, reply #6 of 6)

If you purchase something be sure to check the warranty first, and make sure that you will have 6-12 months of warranty remaining after your worst-case install date.  (And your "worst-case" install date is generally going to be 3 months or so after scheduled completion, depending on project complexity, etc.)

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